Review: First Team Juventus Netflix Show

A previous post focused on how more and more football teams are getting into the TV content creation space.

Well, Netflix has released its show based on Juventus.

Entitled First Team: Juventus, the show follows the team from the start of last season (2017/2018) and focuses on the highs and lows from that season.

So what to make of the show?

In truth, it looks fantastic, with extremely high production values that rival a Hollywood blockbuster. But behind this, little, if anything of substance is revealed. We get an insight into players’ lives, (for example Miralem Pjanic in particular), but it is a very sanitised version, with little if any real insight given to fans.

The question might be, should we have expected anything different, especially form such a huge club like Juventus? They’re unlikely to show the real goings on at the club, but overall, the show in some places is, amazingly, actually pretty mundane and boring.

More episodes have been released, and if it continues on to Ronaldo’s debut season, Netflix and Juventus are surely on to a winner in terms of viewership numbers. Yet, even with Ronaldo fronting future episodes, fans are still likely to feel a bit short-changed.

Watch it here.