Review: MYPROTEIN PRO Vitamins – The Multi and The Joint

Protein is big business now. It is estimated that the global protein supplement market could grow from $4.91 billion in 2017 to a stunning $8.72 billion by 2025.

Many brands are now trying to jump into this ever-increasing consumer demands for protein products to help with their everyday lives, and also fitness requirements.

Most recently at BusinessOfSport.Net we tried out two new products from MYPROTEIN, a UK retailer that has created a range of sports nutrition products and gym clothing products also.

The Joint: A a daily capsule that benefits the strength and health of bones, teeth and connective tissues.
The Accujoint TechnologyTM is clinically proven to reduce joint pain and stiffness to protect you from injury. Price: £25.99.

The Multi: Cover from 20 high quality vitamins & minerals, Boasting WellmuneTM , clinically proven to boost the immune system, support healthy energy levels and mental clarity. Price: £21.99.



Overall, I found both products to be excellent. After about three weeks of using, especially concerning The Joint, I felt much more energetic, but also feeling much less impact from a heavy gym session, something which other protein products had promised, but not delivered upon. I’d highly recommend both products.