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Interview: How Macron Plans To Keep Challenging The Biggest Sports Brands (Part 2)

Firstly, to understand Macron, you need to know that as a business is split into two specific divisions. This is much like most sports clothing brands, whereby one side of the business is purely commercial, an individual can buy a piece of apparel or a amateur team pays Macron to produce clothing. On the other side is sponsorship, whereby the brand seeks out new opportunities with teams across the world.

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Interview: How Macron Has Grown To Challenge The Biggest Sports Brands (Part 1)

Being a smaller sporting brand can be tough. The odds seemed stacked against you when comparing yourself to the Adidas’ and Nike’s of this world. Macron (not named after the new French President, more on that in part two) is an Italian brand founded in 1971. Back then it was a distributor of American sportswear brands in Italy. By 1994, it began to expand rapidly and by 2001 had just won the sponsorship of its first professional sports team, Bologna FC, which it still sponsors now.

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How The Rio Olympics Inspired Avon To Sign Landmark Deal With Liverpool Women’s Team

You might remember my recent post of the rise of the women’s game across the world. It focused heavily on beauty brand Avon signing a historic deal to sponsor Liverpool women’s football team. It was a first of its kind type of deal, in which Avon became the first female brand to sponsor a women’s professional football team and also becomes Liverpool’s first independent shirt sponsor to that of its male counterpart.